So you want to know what works better, PPV (pay per view) or PPC (pay per click) when it comes to your ad campaigns. Truth is, it depends. I base my decision on price. Recently I have run several ad campaigns on Facebook. One for which Facebook suggested a bid of around 6.00 – 11.00 per click. I tested a couple of campaigns to see which one would be the most cost effective and the winner was the PPV campaign. Why? Because the number of clicks I received for the amount of money spent on the campaign was equal to a little less than $1 per click much less than the recommended about a tenth of the suggested 11.00 per click.

This same concept can be tested when using Google Adwords as well if you are running a campaign in which PPV is an option. Some Google Adwords campaigns can only be run using the PPC model.

In the above example I placed my PPV bid at .69 per thousand views. This bid is what is considered to be .69 CPM or .69 (cost per thousand) views. With this bid I was getting around 5 clicks per every $5 spent on the campaign. Once I reached around $400 likes on my Zumba Music Facebook page found here I turned off the campaign and let the rest of the likes grow organically.

In summary, When considering how you want to pay for your campaigns, either PPV or PPM or PPC, run a few ads track the dollars spent to the clicks you’ve received, and turn off the campaigns that aren’t as efficient.