Not too long ago, stores survived by selling products to folks in their small town. These days it seems like everyone wants to go national and sell their merchandise via online shops in every state in the country. Some businesses even wish to go global. This can be a great idea, but there are some drawbacks.

When a business tries to compete for high valued and competitive keywords, a website can actually lose traffic. This happens because when they stop focusing on the local or geo targeted traffic to seek out national exposure they become a very small, small shop in a very large market rather than a big shop in a smaller market.

The way I have found to best seek national exposure while still clinging to the lifeblood of the local market is to create online communities. These communities take advantage of the local market, but open up the gate to a national level.

To create your own online communities, use tools like Facebook, Google Hangouts, Google + Communities, Pintrest, and others. Create a place where like minded people can talk about common interests. When you create these types of communities, you can then market your products to the people in the communities and gain national exposure while staying withing a niche market.

If you would like help to create online communities for your business, give us a call.